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Weerarka Nukliyeerka ee Waqooyiga Kuuriya: Waxaad heshay 15-30 daqiiqo, Maalinta Dalxiiska Adduunka ee Farxada leh

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Forget the travel and tourism industry, forget UNESCO World Heritage sites, forget humanity the way we know it now, all of this would be destroyed like everything else. All it takes for a Nuclear Bomb from North Korea to hit the United States is 15 to 30 minute. It would change the world, it would have consequences we cannot yet comprehend.

Wednesday is world tourism day, a day for peace and understanding. We cannot allow destroying thousands of years of progress because one man in North Korea is looking for recognition and power. Let him have it – who cares.

All it takes for a nuclear bomb from North Korea to hit the United States is 15 to 30 minute. It would change the world, it would have consequences we cannot yet comprehend. Can we really risk this because of provoking one madman with tweets by another unpredictable leader?

Yes, any ballistic missile fired from the DPRK, known as North Korea would be detected almost immediately by either US radar systems in South Korea, naval vessels in the Sea of Japan or satellites in orbit.

Once a missile is detected, those systems will begin evaluating the trajectory of the missile which will help in determining the impact point. Depending on where that missile is headed, travel time would be in the neighborhood of 15–30 minutes, no time to warn millions of Americans to take shelter – and what shelter? There is no effective shelter in most target cities.

The world has to stop this madness. US President Trump has to tone down immediately since we cannot shut up Kim Jong-un. We need to be smart, we need to understand cultural differences and come to a calculated and peaceful resolution. There is no other choice, also because it’s World Tourism Day! The DPRK is a member of the UN World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), and the North Korean Ambassador joined thousand global tourism leaders recently in Chengdu, China.

Hawaii is all about tourism. Millions of tourists love to feel the Aloha Spirit. Now Hawaii residents have been told to prepare for a nuclear attack in light of increasing tensions with North Korea.

State authorities have advised residents to prepare for an attack as they would if a tsunami or hurricane were about to hit the chain of islands.

Gene Ward, a State Representative, said that he did not want to be an “alarmist” but wanted people to be prepared.

A closed door, secret meeting of state officials to look at possible effects of a nuclear attack may have scared the public more than preparing them.

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Juergen T Steinmetz

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