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Shirka PMAESA 2017 ee Victoria Falls Zambia

Nozipho P. Mdawe, Secretary General of PMAESA has confirmed from her PMAESA Secretariat in KPA Building No. 480038 of Kaunda Avenue, Kizingo in Mombasa, Kenya that the PMAESA Conference 2017 will be held in Victoria Falls in Zambia on the 22 and 23 of November under the theme:- Raising the Profile of Land-linked Countries in the Logistics and Maritime Value Chains.

PMAESA is doing their bit to rewrite the narrative for Brand Africa through this meeting that is set to bring countries together for the consolidation of Cruise Africa in all its dimension and that includes on lakes and waterways of the continent.

The Ports of Southern and Eastern Africa meeting will be opened on the 22 November with the KeyNote Address programmed to be delivered by Hon Inonge Mutukwa Wina, the Vice President of Zambia.

Opening remarks will be by Mr. Bisey /Uirab, Chairman, PMAESA Board and PAPC Council & CEO, Namibian Ports Authority with words of support to set the scene of this important meeting set to be echoed by Mr Davies Pwele, Head:  International Finance: International Division – Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA), Prof. Said Adejumobi, Director, Sub-Regional Office, Southern Africa – United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA, SRO-SA), His Excellency Sindiso Ngwenya, Secretary General – Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA), His Excellency Kitack Lim, Secretary General – International Maritime Organisation (IMO) and Hon. Jean Bosco Ntunzwenimana, Minister of Transport, Public Works and Equipment – Republic of Burundi

The welcome addresses will be by Eng Meshack lungu, the Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Transport of Zambia and by the Hon Eng Brian Mushimba, the Minister of Transport and Communications of Zambia.

The first Technical Session of this PMAESA meeting will be on The Blue Economy and its impact on Socio-Economic Development and it will be Chaired by – Mr. Davies Pwele, General Manager, International Division, DBSA.

The importance of maritime sector and cluster development in Land-linked Countries: what is the role and success factors of the maritime sector in Land-linked Countries will be presented by Hon. Minister Workneh Gebeyehu, Ministry of Transport and Communications, Ethiopia and Fundamentals, principles and policy framework necessary for the maritime sector to advance socio economic development for Land-linked Countries by Prof. Said Adejumobi, Director, UNECA, SRO-SA

The benefits of an integrated value chain approach in the identification, planning, financing and managing of intermodal nodes to boost Economic growth.  What has and will work: A DFI approach by Mr. Seison Reddy, Head:  Transport Sector, Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA)

Enhanced safety and security of the waterways in Land-linked Countries: whilst there is a strong link that exists between sectors and the interdependence of activities safety and security of the waterways remains pivotal for navigation, intermodal transportation and the maintenance of conducive marine environment by Mr. Boss Mustapha , Chief Executive Officer, National Inland Waterways Authority (NIWA)

Opportunities presented by the blue economy for inland waterways. Untapped opportunities to be supported by investment in order to create jobs and growth in land-locked countries and regions also by Captain John K. Mhango, Senior Deputy Director, Malawi Marine Department and Case studies: Shifting from dependence on raw commodity exports, lessons from Seychelles Blue Economy by Ms. Rebecca Loustau-Lalanne, Principal Secretary, The Blue Economy Department

Technical Session 2 will be on The impact and influence of Integrated Tourism and will be Chaired by Colonel Andre Ciseau, Chief Executive Officer, Seychelles Ports Authority (SPA)

Examining the link between land-based tourism and cruise tourism: What are the pros and cons of shore based excursions? Is it a “one size fit all” model? will be presented by Ms. Betty A. Radier, Chief Executive Officer – Kenya Tourism Board (KTB)

Emerging Maritime policies pertinent to advance the blue economy as well as opportunities in the land-linked countries by Mr. Dumisani T. Ntuli, Acting Chief Director, Maritime Transport Policy & Legislation, Department of Transport

The role of Integrated Tourism in developing an African Tourism Narrative: demographics and segmentation within the tourism sector to influence global competitiveness by Hon. Minister Charles Banda, Ministry of Tourism and Arts, Republic of Zambia

Cruise Africa Brand: Integrated Tourism Sector benchmark by Mr. Alain St.Ange, Former Minister of Tourism, Seychelles and the Case Study: East African Community Tourism approach by Amb. Liberat Mfumukeko, Secretary General, East Africa Community (EAC) and Yatch Lottery as a vehicle to segment and diversify integrated tourism

Mr. Vincent Didon, Business Development Manager, Seychelles Ports Authority

Technical Session 3A on Instruments for diversified Trade in Value Chains will be Chaired by – Ms. Prisca M. Chikwashi, CEO, Zambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (ZACCI) and Technical Session 3B on Women Development in the Maritime and Logistics Sectors by Ministry of Gender, Republic of Zambia

Examining the link between trade, finance and industrial policies – what is the current picture in the region? The need to review policies to streamline trade and investment processes will be tackled bt Dr. Henry K. Mutai, Tralac Associate, TRALAC Trade Law Centre and What are the opportunities for women in the maritime & logistics sector in Land-linked countries? Ms. Meenaksi  Bhirugnath-Bhookun, WOMESA Chairperson amongst many other interesting topics promising to make this PMAESA Conference 2017 a step forward for Brand Africa now the baby of minister Najib Balala, the Kenya Minister for Tourism and Head of CAF at the UNWTO.

The Zambian Minister of Transport & Communications has said that it will be his honour and privilege to welcome delegates to the inaugural ports management association of eastern and southern Africa Investor Forum. “In the Forty Five years of PMAESA’s establishment we seek to more eagerly and earnestly address the issues which will accelerate the development of port and maritime infrastructure. The Forum is strategically organised to take place during the year when Zambia is appointed Chair of the United nations group of Land locked Developing Countries.

The mission of the Chair is to work towards transforming all land locked countries into land-linked economically active countries. This is in fulfilment of Zambia’s strategy to be an integrated hub for Transport, Communications and meteorological Services in the Southern Africa region by 2030. Over the two days, we hope to unpack and discuss the priority port infrastructure projects with the view to accelerate their progress in reaching bankability. We will also share progress updates on the opportunities available in the water transport and maritime sector.

It is my hope that you will find the platform of benefit as we deliberate and exchange knowledge across the sector. We are here to support and encourage dialogue amongst senior decision makers and the relevant authorities with the view to demonstrating the interconnectedness of the maritime, shipping, logistics and infrastructure development.

We would like to extend our thanks and appreciation to our strategic partners, the Development Bank of Southern Africa for making this forum possible” Minister Hon. Eng. Brian C Mushimba, the Minister of Transport & Communications of the Republic of Zambia said.
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