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Alaska Airlines waxay bilaabeysaa duulimaadyo cusub waxayna ku dartay jidad badan

Dooro luqadaada

“Nonstop air service between Moscow and Boise improves access for our Vandal families to engage in the quality education offered at our residential campus,” said University of Idaho President Scott Green. “It’s our goal to break down barriers to access and do our part to improve the go-on rate of our state. This flight is also vital to all of Idaho’s residents to participate most fully in government and business.”

With more people flying again, Alaska remains committed to Next-Level Care for its guests and employees by implementing more than 100 ways to maintain the highest standard of safety – from clean planes to clean air in the cabin (with hospital-grade air filtration systems). For everyone’s safety on board, Alaska continues to enforce the federally mandated mask policy, even for those who are fully vaccinated.

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War ku saabsan qoraaga

Harry Johnson

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