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Allaha u naxariistee: 10,000 oo qof ayaa laga cabsi qabaa inay ku dhinteen Liibiya ka dib duufaantii Daniel

Allaha u naxariistee: 10,000 oo qof oo laga baqayo inay ku dhinteen Liibiya ka dib duufaantii Daniel. eTurboNews | eTN

First 2900 dead in Morocco, now 10000 expected in Libya. North Africa needs help. Hurricane Daniel caused unspeakable flooding in Libya days after the 6.8 earthquake in Morocco.

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May Allah be with those in Libya and Morocco are posts from Libya seen on X and Telegram.

Libya is in a State of catastrophe and in dire need of expert humanitarian help, and rescue assistance. This is a call to #EMRO #USAID #UNSMIL. Thousands of Libyans are either dead or missing, according to Laila Taher Bugaighis. Laila is a Libyan physician and human rights activist. She is the CEO and former deputy director general of the Benghazi Medical Centre, one of only two tertiary care hospitals in Libya.

Turkey responded within hours and in full force. Hurricane Daniel caused great damage in Greece and moved on to Libya causing catastrophic flash flooding especially after a dam collapsed in this North African Desert Country.

Infrastructure in Libya has been damaged in many parts due to an ongoing violent civil war.

The first of three Turkish military cargo planes carrying rescue teams & aid left Ankara for Libya and arrived in the early hours of the disaster to help with hurricane disaster

There was never a better reason for a divided Libya to come together as a nation to join the fight against the worst natural disaster that hit this country.

A tourism expert who did not want to be identified

The city of Derna was the first in eastern Liibiya, that had been declared a disaster zone after Medicane Daniel caused catastrophic flash flooding. Many residential buildings have been destroyed along the riverbanks. As the reality became clear, the emergency room of the Libyan Red Crescent, Benghazi branch said that there were about 20,000 displaced families from Derna and about 7,000 missing persons.

According to the National Center of Meteorology in Libya, in 24 hours a staggering 414.1 mm of rain was recorded in Bayda.

Liibiya‘s Prime minister says so far two thousand people are dead and thousands more are missing. Entire neighborhoods in the eastern city of Derna were swept away by floodwaters. Libyan health minister says flooding death toll could reach 10,000.

Allaha u naxariistee: 10,000 oo qof oo laga baqayo inay ku dhinteen Liibiya ka dib duufaantii Daniel. eTurboNews | eTN

A comment summarized: “It is almost unbearable what is happening around the world every day. And, as far as the climate is concerned, nothing has been done for decades. Now it seems almost too late, but we still have to commit ourselves to doing everything possible for the young people.”

Mainstream media has gone dead quiet first except for reports on Al Jazeera as this disaster unfolded. The rain in Liibiya has caused Derna city to disintegrate when a dam exploded.

Both Morocco and Libya are tourist destinations with a long cultural history. Tourism in Libya started to develop after sanctions were lifted and ended with unrest after the assassination of former dictator Muammar Gaddafi.

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